Secondary Production - Little Shop of Horrors

Secondary Production.
Thursday, May 24, 2018

On Thursday 17th May, the cast of the secondary production wowed audiences with their performance of Little Shop of Horrors. The show had everything: from singing, to dancing to acting and even a live band. The talking plant astonished audience members and the faces in the crowd were mesmerised by the cleverness of the whole production. The cast of 43 students (which is approximately 50% of the whole of secondary) had been working since January to prepare the 2 act production. Including Saturday rehearsals to ensure the high standard we have come to expect from the performing arts department. Many backstage students, parents and staff members also worked around the clock to prepare props, set and costumes to ensure the show was a spectacle to behold. Everything looked fabulous and the set created by Wezio de Souza added the finishing touches to the incredible event.

The whole evening was a fabulous success and the question remains - what will be the show for next year?