Dani Santana
Parent of three children at BCB
I just have thanks and praise for The British College of Brazil. The teachers, coordinators and directors enrich us with their content and experiences; all very safe and convinced, great scholars and excellent professionals. I am a perfectionist and, without a doubt, my goals on quality, physical space and didactic structure have been achieved, and as a consequence, my 3 children are today, happier children. It's already been 4 years with these fabulous people that really are very important and are part of my life and my heart. There may not be enough and meaningful words to allow me to thank all things with justice and due merit. But really, the didactic help, partnership and emotional support that I have always received here, and that are always surpassed each day, are invaluable to me and it's like really being part of a big family. Here you get more than "the duties and obligations". The doors are always open without looking at who enters, and the best is always offered. The environment is fraternal, and, as they say perhaps the secret of so much success, is because it has what money can not achieve.

Thank you! With all my heart and affection, I thank everyone from the educators, coordinators and directors, as well as all the staff, institutional partnerships, social works and our group of EFG volunteers that make this work.