Physical Education

Physical Education engages and energises students. It provides authentic contexts in which to learn and challenge oneself to develop physical and interpersonal skills. Students will experience movement and understand the role that it plays in sport and life. They will improve their knowledge, performance  and understanding in a variety of activities including Football, Rugby, Badminton, Basketball, Swimming, Cricket, Gymnastics, Dance, and Athletics. 

Physical Education provides a range of opportunities for students to challenge and extend themselves in an environment of managed risk. Students step outside their comfort zone to take on new social, physical, and emotional challenges. Taking on challenges and assessing risk requires the exploration and development of decision-making skills. The skills taught in lessons will sharpen knowledge of strategy and tactics, and develop knowledge from one context to another, such as sport, recreational and outdoor activities. The concept of challenge by choice enables appropriate learning at a personal level that will build confidence. Furthermore, our students study the importance of teamwork and the need to communicate with team mates constructively and positively and support and encourage all so that everybody performs to their potential. Students will become analysts and acquire the ability to observe, assess and suggest how to improve weakness while praising strengths of each individual performer. 

The PE department aims to prepare you for life after school and teach you how to train yourselves to keep or get fit and healthy. The department promotes an interest in lifelong leisure and recreational pursuits to keep students participating in physical activity. Physical Education at BCB is a very enjoyable, challenging and important subject that develops physical fitness, psychological well-being and develops leadership qualities.