Subject Enrichment

Opportunities and activities beyond the classroom form an important and exciting feature about school life at The British College of Brazil. The enrichment programme contributes enormously to the academic, cultural, physical, spiritual and social life that all students experience during their time at at our school. All students in Secondary School are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of clubs and to learn new skills. From Performing Arts to Public Speaking, Chess to Gymnastics: there is something for everyone.  
Opportunities to help others are also a main feature at The British College of Brazil, and students at the school take part in numerous fundraising activities and other events to support local charities in our vicinity, as well as larger international projects. Our Student Council are the drivers behind such events, and understand that being a good citizen goes beyond giving money, and towards dedicating time and care to others. 

House Captains and Vice Captains enjoy excellent opportunities to develop their leadership and organisation skills. Amongst other skills, they are responsible for planning, organising and facilitating events, organising and encouraging their teams and maintaining a competitive and supportive environment for the four Houses: Vikings, Romans, Normans and Saxons.
At The British College of Brazil, we believe that education goes beyond the classroom, and we strive to provide the opportunities for our students to develop a number of key skills and competencies.